Asymptotic Analysis of the Two-Diode Photovoltaic Model

Abraham K. Ishihara and Shahar Ben-Menahem


solar, photovoltaics, asymptotics, simulation


In this note, we consider the numerical and asymptotic analysis of the two-diode model which can be used as the basis for simulation of large scale photovoltaic arrays. For large arrays consisting of many photovoltaic modules arranged in series and parallel configurations robustness and speed are critical properties of any simulation environment. This is particularly important when non-uniformities are present which render the electrical, optical, and/or thermodynamical cell parameters disparate. Due to the sensitivity of Kirchhoff-laws gradient-based solvers to initialization, such non-uniformities can break simulations. We present a novel numerical approach which leverages asymptotic analysis to improve both speed and robustness.

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