Temperature and Fuel-Flow-Rate Dependence of the Parameters of an Equivalent Circuit Model of DMFC Dynamic Response

Kshitiz Singh, Bill M. Diong, and Diego Estrada


Fuel cells, Methanol, Dynamic response, Equivalent circuit model


Fuel cells are increasingly important sources of electrical power as they can reduce the nation’s dependence on coal and foreign oil, leading to a cleaner environment and an improved national security. However, their dynamic responses are slower than that of typical electrical and electronic systems drawing power from them. Hence, it is important to properly characterize an equivalent circuit model of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell’s (DMFC’s) dynamic behavior, for performing analysis and optimal design of the power systems based on such sources. This paper describes a method of estimating the parameters of an equivalent circuit model for a DMFC from measurements of its responses to step-changes in load at various temperatures and fuel flow rates. Analysis of these parameter values indicated that they are quite sensitive to temperature but relatively insensitive to fuel flow rates.

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