Design and Techno-Economical Optimization of Wind Turbine Generator System: Under Diverse Meteorological Conditions

Marangi S. Mbogho and Michael J. Saulo


Techno-economical optimization, Wind turbine generator, optimal sizing, competing incentive


Significant weather fluctuations have shown that climate change is not only a challenge to the industrialized countries, but also to developing countries like Kenya. Thus is evidenced by recent draughts in the country. Over 60% of power generation in Kenya is through hydro-electric power. The country depends largely on rain water for electricity production. It is plausible to assume that, the global policy paradigm shift to green economy is informed by the negative impact of the adverse effects of these climatic changes. Against this backdrop, this paper studies the potential of generating electricity from wind energy, at Mokowe, Lamu County, in Coast Province of Kenya. The paper envisages that optimal design of wind generator turbines could significantly improve technical and economical performance of power supply system in Kenya. The socio-economic benefits of which would be under pinned by improved lifestyle of the local communities.

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