Prospective Biomass Hybrid Power Plants with Thermosolar in Australia - A Study

Shaheen H. Chowdhury, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, and Md Fakhrul Islam


Biomass Energy, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Heat


At present the electricity generation from renewable sources is being reached a remarkable margin. The uses of biomass fuel and solar thermal energy are becoming more attractive day by day in large scale electrical energy generation. It is fact that solar thermal power plant (STPP) alone cannot operate stably and continuously due to variability of solar radiation. There are several methodologies already published available. This paper will study these methods which are suitable for biomass hybrid plant with thermalsolar heat storage system for the generation of electrical energy. A technological review has been proposed for the operating mode of hybrid biomass power plant with thermosolar that will ensure 100% electricity generation from renewable sources with optimized operation strategies

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