A Visualization Method for Power Systems using Geographical Views and Thiessen Polygons

Daniel L. Gomes Jr., Anselmo C. Paiva, Cláudio S. Baptista, Fábio L. Leite, and Rogério A.C. Fernandes


Power Systems, Visualization, Thiessen Polygons


The analysis of large scale electric power systems requires operators to handle with a large amount of multivariate data. This work presents a new method for 2D power systems visualization that uses Thiessen Polygons. This new approach has as main advantages its computational efficiency and also the quality of the generated visualization, which permits an intuitive and quick manner to assess the state of the system. The proposed method provides a complete understanding of the system global states, and also highlights the failure points. We present the algorithm, and also a comparison with a well-known technique named “contours”, evaluating them.

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