Voltage Instability Alleviation through FACTS Controllers

Shaik Affijulla and Sushil Chauhan


FACTS controllers, Genetic algorithm, Voltage stability enhancement, Power system stability, Global loading index


Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers can play a significant role in the power system security enhancement. However, owing to high capital investment, it is necessary to locate these controllers optimally in the power system. This paper deals with the optimal location and parameters setting of FACTS (TCSC, STATCOM and UPFC) controllers in electrical power systems, using Genetic Algorithm (GA). The objective is to improve voltage profile of load buses subject to the power system equality and inequality constraints. Proposed method optimizes the location of FACTS devices and their parameters setting are optimized simultaneously based on global loading index. GA is applied to solve the power system non-linear programming problem for better accuracy. The effectiveness of suggested controllers and their placement for voltage stability enhancement has been demonstrated on IEEE 30-bus system and a practical 75-bus Indian system managed by Uttar Pradesh State Power Corporation through a program developed in MATLAB 7.0. The results obtained are quite encouraging and of value to the power system operating environment.

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