Analysis of Time Evolution of Couplings in the Repetitive EEG

Jiri Janecek, Jan Chladek, Josef Halamek, Pavel Jurak, and Milan Brazdil


Repetitive EEG, Coupling, Signal processing, Correlation, Statistical analysis


Functional integration refers to the interactions among multiple specialized neuronal populations. Here a method of time evolution of couplings in the repetitive EEG event-related signals recorded by intracerebral electrodes has been assessed. To this end, transient changes in the correlation of EEG signals in the post-stimuli period (i.e. tightly time-locked to a repetitively administered stimulus) were analyzed. A huge number of correlation pairs of 10 subjects (over 40,000 in total) was inspected. In this way a proper method of result visualization in a form of matrixes was determined. Our results show that there are observable and statistically significant changes to the correlation in the post-stimuli period in comparison to the interval before stimuli, when inactivity is supposed.

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