Automatic Detection of Readiness Potential

Pouya Ahmadian, Saeid Sanei, Luca Mussi, Luca Ascari, and Maria Alessandra Umiltá


Biomedical Signal Processing, Electroencephalography (EEG), Readiness Potential, Blind Source Separation, Second-Order Blind Identification, Template Matching


One of the changes seen in Electroencephalography (EEG) data preceding human voluntary movement is a cortical potential called Readiness Potential (RP). By applying Blind Source Separation algorithm based on second-order statistics called SOBI (second-order blind identification) to the whole head EEG, we showed that before the event (movement or observation of movement) a source is extracted that has features similar to the RP. Based on the assumption that this wave is RP a method with template matching is proposed to detect the RP wave automatically. The method was applied to EEG data of four subjects and the RP detection rate among them was between 82.5% and 100%.

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