Developing an Acoustic MRE Breast Actuator to Facilitate MRE Applications in Breast Cancer Detection

Quazi T.A. Linda, Andrii Petrov, and Elijah V. Houten


Breast cancer detection, noninvasive measurement, Magnetic Resonance imaging


Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) is a noninvasive method for measuring tissue stiffness in vivo. In MRE propagating shear waves are produced in soft tissue by an external actuator and these shear waves are imaged to determine the stiffness of the region non-invasively. In this paper a noble Acoustic MRE breast actuator has been proposed. MR data has been acquired at 85 hz on silicone phantom and shear modulus reconstruction has been performed using inverse reconstruction algorithm. The actuator has been successful in detecting very small size (7.5 mm diameter) tumor with surrounding and tumor stiffness contrast ratio 1:2.

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