X-Ray Io Monitor Measuring Device for X-Ray Intensity for Industrial Testing Applications

Rafay Mehmood Siddiqui, Inam Ul Ahad, Bassim Aklan, Anurag Anurag, Zeeshan Islam, Syedah Sadaf Zehra, and Horacio S. Jiménez Soto


Xray Io monitor, Xray intensity measurement, Non Destructive Testing, Computed Tomography


Efficient attenuated (primary) and un-attenuated (secondary) intensity measurement procedures and devices in Computed Tomography (CT) machines are crucial as they contribute to 3-Dimensional image reconstructions. In this paper designing of an x-ray Io monitor device is discussed which provides comprehensible solution to measure the primary and secondary x-ray intensities for CT machines. The requirement of such device is evident as conventional methods for x-ray intensity measurements are inefficient due to various physical phenomena like scattering, attenuation, and detector artifacts etc. In classical methodologies, particularly the primary intensity is measured on the edge of an x-ray detector and thus prone to scattering and the secondary intensities severely attenuated as they cover distance through air. The designed device determines x-ray intensities without above mentioned side-effects by two distinct single-pixel sensors during the exposure. This provides enhanced error correction methods and ultimately better image quality. By multichannel system functionality the device facilitates monitoring of both primary and secondary intensities concurrently in real time. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed to cover two ways of monitoring and detection. One is performed by HyperTerminal and the other by Visual Studio using C#. The device developed is portable, provides USB connectivity and highly user friendly.

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