Combined Ultrasound Technologies and Optimized Probe Design for Neck Veins Examination

Leonardo Forzoni, Sara D'Onofrio, Massimiliano Farina, Paolo Semplici, Massimo Corsi, Roberto Furia, Fabio Rezzonico, and Piero Tortoli


Ultrasound imaging, spatial compound, Multigate QDP


Neck veins ultrasound (US) examination has reached a relevant level of attention due to the definition of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) and due to various studies on different neurological disorders. Echo-Color Doppler (ECD) technology is a reliable diagnostic technique for Internal Jugular Vein (IJV) and Vertebral Vein (VV) examination. The present study considers the combination of different real-time US imaging and Doppler methods as well as a proper ultrasonic transducer design for the optimization of cervical vein scanning. Increased B-Mode diagnostic confidence and more sensitive and reliable hemodynamic analysis of the cervical venous system are shown and analyzed.

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