A New Method for Generating 3D Thermography Models

Mauren Abreu de Souza, Ionildo J. Sanches, and Humberto Remigio Gamba


Infrared Imaging (IR), Thermography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


Medical Infrared Imaging (IR) is a noninvasive diagnostic method that allows the examiner to evaluate and quantify temperature changes on the skin surface, which is reflected as any abnormal internal temperature variation. However, thermograph images are essentially a 2D technique and its image does not provide useful anatomical information associated with it. Therefore, this paper presents a new method for combining 2D Infrared Images with Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) and/or Computer Tomography (CT) images, employing an image registration (fusion) methodology. As a result, it is generated a new hybrid 3D model, denominated 3D THERMO. This new 3D model involves the visualization of a rendered image, which has the additional of being generated based on multi imaging modality: the temperature (functional information) originated from the thermal images (IR) and also the MRI or CT images (anatomical or structural information). This innovative tool will help improvements in clinical applications, such as medical diagnosis and for monitoring treatment of certain pathologies.

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