Rehabilitation of the Ankle Joint by Means of Equipment Actuated by Pneumatic Muscles

Tudor I. Deaconescu and Andrea C. Deaconescu


Rehabilitation equipment, Continuous passive motion, Pneumatic muscle


Recent studies have revealed that patients with affections of the lower limb bearing joints represent a significant part in the total of post-traumatic affections. It is the task of rehabilitation medicine to facilitate a speedy recovery of these patients. One of the swiftest rehabilitation techniques of patients is known as Continuous Passive Motion (CPM), deploying an entire arsenal of recovery equipment. Applying passive exercising as part of the recovery programme of patients with post-traumatic disabilities of the bearing joints of the lower limbs requires the development of new high performance equipment. The paper discusses a study of the kinematics, construction and actuation of a novel, pneumatic muscle actuated rehabilitation system for continuous passive motion. The utilized energy source is compressed air ensuring complete absorption of the end of stroke shocks, thus minimizing user discomfort.

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