A New Capacitive EMG Sensor for Control of the Active Orthosis Orthojacket

Bastian Schmitz, Roland Wiegand, Alexander von Lühmann, and Stefan Schulz


Prosthetics and Orthotics, Biosensors and Transducers


As a result of the loss of the active movement of the upper extremity, for example, by a spinal cord injury, patients lose the major part of their autonomy and of their quality of life. This leads to a life-long dependency on caregivers. Within the BMBF-funded project OrthoJacket, a modular, active orthosis for the upper extremity is developed. In this paper a new capacitive sensor module is presented, with which OrthoJacket can be controlled with electromyography (EMG) signals from different muscles, such as for example the musculus sternocloidomastoidus.

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