Large Area MOS Capacitive Skin Electrodes Designated for Variable Electrophysiological Signal Recording

Cristian Ravariu


Biomedical electronics, Microtechnology, BioMEMS, Capacitive electrodes, TiPt, Electrophysiology


The usual cutaneous electrodes used in electrophysiology are resistive, with a high metal-skin contact resistance. The capacitive electrodes avoid this disadvantage and are suitable for variable biosignal recording. This paper firstly presents the microtechnologies technique used for the preparation of some capacitive electrodes, including the technological flow. Using EDA tools the layers that will constitute the fabrication masks were transferred to the glass support. Finally, the final products are presented: the masks and the capacitive electrodes. In the last part, the capacitive electrodes are submitted to a test, in comparison with classical electrodes. A higher sensitivity to variable signals are obviously for the capacitive electrodes, as their main advantage.

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