Sinusoidal Stimulation of Retinal Bipolar Cells: A Modelling Study

Tatiana Kameneva, David B. Grayden, Anthony N. Burkitt, and Hamish Meffin


modelling, retinal bipolar cells, electrical stimulation


Electrical stimulation of the retina have been shown to restore rubimentary vision to people who lost thier photoreceptors due to degenerative eye diseases. Models of the electrophysiological properties of two classes of retinal bipolar cells (RBCs) were constrained and validated using experimental data from the literature. The models were used to investigate the response of RBCs to sinusoidal electrical stimulation of varying frequencies. Modelling predicts that the class of RBCs with low-voltage activated Ca2+ current is more responsive to sinusoidal stimulation at lower frequencies (2-10Hz), than at higher frequency (100 Hz).

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