A Survey of Telecardiology Projects in Italy

Claudio De Lazzari, Domenico M. Pisanelli, Igino Genuini, Elisa Silvetti, Alessandra D'Ambrosi, and Francesco Fedele


Telemedicine, Health Care Information System, Nonlinear System Identification, Wavelet Multiresolution Approximation


It is estimated that in Italy there are about three million people affected by chronic heart failure. Cardiology is the health care field currently getting the largest benefits from telemedicine. Transmission, using wireless devices, makes possible to achieve virtual hospitalization: it is possible to anticipate the time of discharging and the patient can be remotely controlled by the central station in the ICU of the department of Medicine. Teleconsulting (i.e. a distance consulting between physicians) is applied in telecardiology, it allows the realization of a consulting between cardiology departments and remote services in the same hospital or among far-away hospitals. In this paper some of the most significant cardiac telemonitoring projects in Italy are described. Also reported, the projects involving the applications of implantable cardiac devices which can be controlled remotely. In conclusion, we sketch out the future prospects of telecardiology research and its applications in Italy.

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