Test Case Generation for Integrating Medical Systems Considering Function Characteristics

Youngsul Shin, Muhammad I. Hossain, and Woo J. Lee


Complicated Medical Software, Required Interface, Abstraction of Function Behavior, transcranial application


A medical system is complicated because it has many sub-modules and is connected with many kinds of other systems. Because software faults tend to occur in interoperation among modules, a safety-critical medical system should be tested strictly in terms of integration. At integration testing phase, there are too many execution path of software to test, that makes testing difficult. To deal with the problem, existing test approaches ignore complicated internal information of modules at integration testing phase. However, the existing approach may not find faults of interoperation among modules because they cannot define test cases that cover many execution paths. Our paper proposes a method to test interoperation among modules by abstraction of function characteristics and reuse of test cases. Abstraction of function characteristics generates test cases that bring internal information of functions. By reusing the generated test cases, integration testing can consider internal information of functions.

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