Allocation of Human Resources in Medical Cooperatives using a Constraint Satisfaction Problem Approach

Cicero F.F. Costa Filho, Marly G.F. Costa, and Dayse R. Rocha


Human Resource Allocation, Cooperative Services, Heuristics, support vector machine


This work intends to contribute to reducing hospital operation costs, proposing a new tool for planning for the allocation of human resources in hospitals using cooperative physician services, specifically, a new tool for human resource allocation in health units. The solution to the allocation problem uses the CSP technique (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) associated with a backtracking search algorithm. With the objective of enhancing the backtracking search algorithm performance a new heuristics is proposed. Through some simulations the performance of the proposed heuristics is compared to the other heuristics previously published in the literature: remaining minimum values, forward checking and grade heuristics.

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