A Microarray Gene Expression Profile in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells for Allergic Asthma in Chinese

Xia Ji, Weizhong Zhang, Shao-dan Jia, Haiyan Wang, Xiao-xia Wang, Jing Li, Zhixiu Xiao, Weiyi Zhang, and Zhenmin Bao


Asthma, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells, Microarray, Gene Expression Profiling


To screen and analyse gene expression patterns in peripheral blood mononuclear cells between asthma patients and normal people by DNA microarray technique in order to approach a new clue for the mechanism of asthma and to provide molecular markers for early diagnosis and prevention of asthma. Participants with asthma and healthy controls underwent peripheral blood collection. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were isolated using Ficoll-Paque and extracted for total RNA. Then we used Cy3 to label cRNA from asthma and normal people respectively, and used Agilent Homo microarray chips containing 41,000 genes/ESTs to detect gene expression differentially according to the screening criteria of Log2Ratio ≥ 2 and Log2Ratio ≤ -2. Genespring software was used to analyse the biologic function of the candidate genes. By using microarray technology, 4,239 candidate genes in asthma patients were found from 34,183 target genes, which expressed twice higher or lower than normal group. 25 gene expressions in asthma were found over four fold changes compared with the normal. Analysis showed that these differentially expressed genes mainly related to the pathways like inflammation response, immune response, defence responses, wound responses and external stimuli. We found asthma is associated with specific gene expression patterns, providing further evidence that asthma involves in molecular inflammatory mechanisms of the pathogenesis.

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