The Bounds for Technical Elastic Constants of a Cortical Bone

Young June Yoon and Won Seok Yoon


Voigt-Reuss bounds, Cortical bone, Elastic constants, Hill inequality


Objective: Voigt and Reuss bounds (or lower and upper bounds) for technical elastic constants are estimated after constructing the Voigt and Reuss bounds for components of an elasticity tensor. Method: Numerically orthotropic elastic constants of cortical bone are employed for the illustration. By selecting the upper values in Voigt-Reuss bounds for the upper bounds and lower bounds, the effective technical elastic constants of a cortical bone are estimated. In another words, we select the lower values of C13 and C33 for the upper bound and round off below the second decimal, which makes the Voigt-Reuss bounds satisfied. Conclusion: The effective technical elastic constants of cortical bone are estimated from the bounds of the elasticity tensor.

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