An Ubiquitous and Low Cost System for Rehabilitation

Joaquín D. García-Pérez, Antonio Soriano-Payá, Daniel Ruiz-Fernández, Sergio Hernandez-Sanchez, and Oscar Marin-Alonso


mobile health, telerehabilitation, telehealth, telemedicine, treatment adherence


In this paper, our research project centered in the design and development of an ubiquitous rehabilitation system is presented. Its main purpose is to improve the performance of rehabilitation exercises. The system enhances the user tracking level by informing how the user does the exercise. Moreover, it keeps the specialist up to date with more accurate data of how the user follows the treatment. In the interest of the low cost feature, the motion acquisition module is implemented using an inexpensive widespread motion capture device. Our system is also designed with the follow- ing objectives: to reduce waiting lists, to increase savings in health budgets and to improve the efficiency of the re- sources used. Progress and key issues are discussed.

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