Is it Time for Telemedicine Applications in the Management of Diabetes? Physicians’ Perceptions Disclosed through a Questionnaire

Andrea Tura, Stefano Sbrignadello, and Giovanni Pacini


survey, diabetologist, expectation, data transmission


Aims-The great improvement in the technological aspects of telemedicine has made possible implementing solutions at reasonable costs. Nonetheless, telemedicine applications are still rare. Through a questionnaire addressed to physicians involved in diabetes management, we investigated what is the actual condition of telemedicine in diabetes. Methods-We asked whether the interviewed physicians had any experience in telemedicine applications involving diabetic patients. Then, apart for personal experience, we asked whether telemedicine was considered useful in diabetes care, and especially for what type of information. The following question was related to the problems that are felt as the major obstacles for development of effective telemedicine applications. Results-Seventy-two subjects (mainly diabetologists from the Italian Diabetological Society) answered the questionnaire. The main findings were: a) around one third of the participants had personal experiences in telemedicine; b) almost all participants believe that telemedicine in diabetes is useful; c) the main problem currently limiting the diffusion of telemedicine is the lack of education of both physicians and patients; d) due to the increasing prevalence of diabetes, telemedicine solutions will be necessary to limit overcrowding of diabetic centers. Conclusion-According to physicians’ expectations, telemedicine applications in diabetes will increase.

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