Monitoring of Syncope using a Bluetooth Holster Monitor

Marc Rogers and Stephen Gardner


syncope, telehealth, bluetooth


Syncope is little known heart condition that will affect a large proportion of the population at some stage during their life. The main way to identify what type of syncope a patient is to record their electrocardiogram (ECG) traces over several days. Current ECG holster monitors tend to use outdated technology and only allow data to be recorded for up to 24 hours. They also require trips to a hospital to have them fitted and the data downloaded, removed and analysed. In this paper we look at the creation of a low cost ECG monitoring device that can not only record a patient’s ECG over one week, but forward the data onto a Bluetooth enabled device. The receiving Bluetooth device would upload the data to a patient’s online medical health record as well as performing some basic analysis on waveform. The holster monitor also has an accelerometer that records the movement of the patient and is fitted with an event switch that the patient can press whenever they are feeling unwell.

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