Automated Analysis of Electromyography Data

Jeffrey L. Sponsler


neurology, expert system, Electromyography


Background: Interpretation of nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) tests are intensive time-consuming processes (30 minutes per patient study). Goal: To create a computer program to automate this process including report generation. Methods: A computer program (called EMG and Nerve Conduction Analysis System, ENCAS) using Common Lisp programming language, Common Lisp Object System, object oriented-programming, text parsing algorithm, and clinical neurophysiology domain specific knowledge was written. This program was deployed in clinical practice and evaluated for time efficiency and test precision. Results: ENCAS reduced the time for EMG analysis from 30 minutes to 1 second and accuracy was 95%. Independent program verification has not been performed; automation of analysis improves accuracy over human analysis.

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