The Conception of Virtual Health Assistants for Solving Insufficient Business Processes in Future Health Care

Haithem Derouiche, Christian Schlagenhaufer, and Freimut Bodendorf


virtual assistants, future health care, business processes


This paper deals with the conception of virtual health assistants that help solving problems of insufficient business processes in future health care, which lead to inefficiencies, information asymmetries, difficulties in collaboration and increased costs. There are several steps to go through. First, problems of business processes, interrelation- and communication relationships are identified, which are then solved by general as well as abstract approaches. This subject then gets concretized by the conception of a framework for a patient-centered, virtual health assistant that is based on a hierarchical combination of individual components which, in combination, form a new homogenous system. The concept ranges from data acquisition up to the attainment of new knowledge. Finally, the benefits and the added value generated by the framework get evaluated by demonstrating how to solve previous identified insufficiencies with it and by discussing the new possibilities offered by the concept.

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