Assessing Daily Activity of Older Persons in a Real Life AAL System

Peter Mayer and Paul Panek


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Activities of Daily Living (ADL)


An Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) prototype system called “eHome” was developed aiming at increasing safety and quality of life of independently living older persons. The prototype is able to monitor activities of daily living and to draw conclusions on it. A wireless sensor network consisting of only few sensor boxes are placed in the room of the subject’s home. eHome is working event based and uses a rule based engine deploying a structure similar to Arden. Deviations can be recognised online and can trigger alerts. Additionally, long term trends can be visualised and accessed by carers and professionals using a remote interface. The approach was validated during field trials in real life settings and showed promising results.

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