Introducing Home Asthma Telemanagement using the PlayStation 3 Gaming Platform

Joseph Finkelstein and Jeffrey Wood


Telemedicine, Gaming platforms, Asthma


Various gaming platforms have been recognized for their user-friendly interfaces which do not require previous computer-related experience. Simplicity of controls and wide availability of these platforms in patient households make them an attractive means to facilitate consumer health. The potential of such widely used platforms as Playstation 3 for self-management of chronic health conditions has not yet been fully uncovered. We evaluated features and technical specifications of the Playstation 3 and developed a Home Automated Telemanagement (HAT) system which utilizes the gaming console to access personal health record, receive self-care support and exchange information with health care providers. The system questions patients with asthma to monitor symptoms, PEF/FEV1 measurements, medication adherence and quality of life while educating the patient on their disease. The patients receive an instant feedback on their condition in the form of a 3 or 4 zone asthma action plan. The patient self-management information can be monitored and reviewed by a healthcare provider on a designated Asthma HAT web site. The system is programmed to run on the Sony Playstation 3 videogame console using the console’s web browser. The console’s features and supported formats were evaluated in order to take full advantage of the platform. The system is designed to be as simple as possible making it usable by patients with no prior computer or game console experience. We evaluated the feasibility of developing home telemanagement applications targeted for the Playsation 3 console. A Playstation 3-based telemanagement system has potential to optimize the care of patients with asthma and other chronic conditions.

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