Wearable Cardiac and Mobility Monitoring System for Elderly People

Kriti Kumar and Srinivasan Jayaraman


wearable device, bioelectric sensors, mobility activity


Aim of the study is to develop a wearable device that continuously monitors the cardiac and mobility of an individual; especially for the elderly and critical care patients. In addition to this, an inbuilt decision support (DS) algorithm, to analyze the ECG signal in correlation with mobility activity and generate an alert message. This event based alert message is sent to the physician or user through Bluetooth protocol on encountering any arrhythmia. Developed wearable device provides connectivity to two participants: the user or nurse at the point of home care, and the physician. At the out of hospital point of care, during users fall condition scenario, ECG signals are recorded in the SD card. This action is followed by alert generation which gives the heart rate and filename information in which the ECG data has been stored for easy review of the physician. Based on request, ECG data is transmitted to user mobile phone via Bluetooth and stored in server, linked to the patient's database. The cardiologist can then be linked by means of a web browser to the information server to diagnosis the ECG signal based on the event. In future, this study can be extended to improve the arrhythmia detection algorithm by analysis of mobility data like jogging, running and etc along with ECG data monitoring. The developed system can then be used as a continuous wireless cardiac device with mobility monitoring for clinical diagnosis support.

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