On Tools for Game Interaction Analysis

Ivo Maly, Michal Hapala, Jiri Bittner, and Pavel Slavík


human-computer interaction, accessibility issues, game interaction, visual analysis


Improving accessibility of games was recently identified as one of approaches how to increase the number of potential players. In this paper we propose and discuss several tools for analysing the interaction of a player and a computer game in order to increase accessibility of the game. We focus on interaction devices that use key presses, a mouse cursor movement and mouse clicks for the interaction with the game. Our tools monitor the user interactions during game play and then visualize the interaction of the user through the devices with the game. We show several measurements and visualizations using our tools on selected games. We assume that our tools will help in analysing the game interaction with the aim of improving game accessibility by identifying problematic parts of the game from the point of user interaction.

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