Motivational Rehabilitation using Vision-based Serious Games

Antoni Jaume-i-Capó, Biel Moyà-Alcover, Javier Varona, Paz Martinez-Bueso, and Alejandro Mesejo Chiong


Serious games, Rehabilitation, Vision-based interfaces


Research studies show that serious games help to motivate users in rehabilitation processes, and rehabilitation results are better when users are motivated. In long term rehabilitation for maintaining capacities, the demotivation of chronic patients is common. In this work, we have implemented balance rehabilitation video game for cerebral palsy patients. The video game was developed using the prototype development paradigm and following desirable features for rehabilitation serious games presented in the literature. We have tested the video game with a set of users who abandoned therapy due to demotivation in the previous year. Results show that the set of users improved their balance and motivation.

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