Peripheral Vision Dynamic Test for Athletes

João P. Rodrigues, João D. Semedo, Daria G. Migotina, Fernando M. Melicio, Jose G. Pereira, and Agostinho C. da Rosa


Pattern recognition, Peripheral Vision, Foveal Vision, Electrooculogram, Football Players


This study used a peripheral vision test that evaluates how well visual information captured in two different areas of the retina is used and tries to establish a relation with the performance of the test subjects in other fields. Automatic detection of ocular movement is used to distinguish between responses based on information from different retinal sites. Test subjects were athletes and were evaluated on how well they can recognize and relate objects in their peripheral and foveal field while focused on some different task. The correctness of their decisions based on this visual information is then compared to objective and subjective data on their athletic performance and other attributes.

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