PMU based Monitoring and Estimation Power System Dynamic Stability Developed on 50-Hz Power System

Dikpride Despa, Yasunori Mitani, Masayuki Watanabe, Yaser S. Qudaih, Taro Fujita, Qing Liu, and Michael Bernard


Campus-WAMS, 50-Hz power system, FFT filter, Auto spectrum analysis


The project of CampusWAMS has to do with installations of PMUs in Japan and Singapore-Malaysia interconnected power system. Based on application practices of the CampusWAMS developed on 50-Hz power system, this work focuses to presents a single-mode-oriented monitoring and estimation scheme of power system small-signal stability for Japan 50-Hz power system and Singapore-Malaysia interconnected power system. The data filtering technique based on FFT is employed to extract oscillation data for single mode. The auto spectrum analysis is employed to compute the dominant frequency of oscillation mode, which is used to set filter frequency band. An output-only-based simplified oscillation model is developed to estimate the characteristic of inter-area power oscillation based on extracted oscillation data. This paper proves that the WAMS at the user-ends can extract the inter-area mode of power oscillations from their data based on appropriate examples. Finally, some analysis results developed on 50-Hz power system in Japan and Singapore-Malaysia interconnected power system are presented and analyzed in a compulsory section.

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