Stability Analysis of a Single-Machine Dynamic Load System with TCSC

Amos O. Anele, John T. Agee, and Adisa A. Jimoh


Bifurcation analysis, stability analysis, saddle-node bifurcation, TCSC


This paper presents the effects of a thyristor-controlled series capacitor (TCSC) on the stability of a singlemachine dynamic load (SMDL) system. Firstly, the stability of the SMDL system without a TCSC is studied. The analysis is based on voltage collapse simulation, bifurcation diagram and time domain simulation. Without the TCSC, the results obtained showed that the system presents a saddle-node bifurcation. Then, same analyses are repeated for the system with a TCSC located at the middle of the transmission line. The result obtained showed that TCSC is capable of improving the system’s loadability but leads to instability due to the presence of an unstable equilibrium point. MATLAB/Simulink application software is used for the study. In conclusion, this study shows that with the application of a simple control technique, the stability of the SMDL system with TCSC can be improved.

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