Wind Energy Potential in Vietnam

Van-Tan Tran, Tsai-Hsiang Chen, and Ting-Yen Hsieh


Renewable energy, wind energy, wind farm, Weibull method


In this paper, the wind data were collected hourly during period 2001-2010 at eight locations in Vietnam. The wind power potential at eight locations spread through the country was carried out by using the Weibull distribution function. The study uses the maximum likelihood method to calculate shade parameter k and scale parameter A (m/s). The shade parameter k varies between 1.2 and 2.37, while the scale parameter A changes from 3.2 m/s to 11.8 m/s. The results showed that the annual mean wind speed v (m/s) in Nha Trang, Ca Mau, and Quy Nhon are 11.15 m/s, 10.14 m/s, and 9.13 m/s, respectively. The wind farm with five wind turbine generators (one Bonus turbine of 1 MW and four Bonus turbines of 2 MW) are used to point out that Nha trang is the best zone for developing wind farms in Vietnam. The study supports the database for the future research on the wind energy in Vietnam and in the over the world.

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