Performance Evaluation of a Micogrid Including Wind and PV Generation

Mohammmed T. Hussain and Abu H.M.A. Rahim


Microgrid System, PV, PMSG wind system, Microalternator, STATCOM


Extensive increase of distributed generation (DG) penetration and the existence of multiple DG units at distribution level have introduced the notion of micro-grid. This paper develops a small-signal dynamic model of a microgrid that includes wind and photovoltaic in addition to conventional small scale generation. The model developed evaluates the amount of generation mix from various DGs for satisfactory steady operation of the microgrid. Also, the factors that could drive the microgrid to the brink of unsafe regions have been identified. It has been observed that while large integration of electronically-interfaced generation units in microgrid environment degrades the voltage quality through their fast response they can quickly react to the stability problems.

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