A Hybrid Maximum Power Point Tracking Control based on P&O Method for PV Systems

Chih-Chiang Hua, Jin-Yu Zeng, and Tsung-Sum Lee


Photovoltaic (PV), Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Perturbation and observation (P&O), Lookup table method, DSP


A hybrid maximum power point tracking (MPPT) combining a Perturbation and Observation (P&O) method with a lookup table for PV systems is proposed. The MPPT which can obtain the maximum power (MP) output is indispensable in PV power systems. A novel algorithm integrating lookup table method and P&O method can quickly and accurately track the MPP’s of a PV system. First, the proposed algorithm makes the operating points close to MPP’s by using the lookup table method. And then the P&O method is adopted to obtain the MPP’s. The index table will be updated from the MPP’s obtained by the P&O method. Therefore, the proposed method can prevent the problems when the system is getting old or the index table has errors. The experimental results are presented to verify the performance of the proposed MPPT.

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