Comparative Analysis of 10 MW Class Superconducting Wind Turbine Generators with Different Types of Drive-Trains

Hae-Jin Sung, Gyeong-Hun Kim, Kwangmin Kim, Minwon Park, and In-Keun Yu


Direct-driven, Gearless, Geared, Superconducting wind turbine generator


A superconducting wind turbine generator has been suggested to improve efficiency and increase capacity. There are two major types of drive-trains, geared and gearless. The gearless type, with a power electronic converter, reduces the volume of the wind turbine and lowers maintenance requirements. On the other hand, the geared type has the advantage of lower generator cost. This paper deals with a comparative analysis of the 10 MW class of superconducting synchronous generators (SCSGs) with different types of drive-trains. SCSG parameters are investigated to estimate the properties of the 10 MW class of geared and gearless SCSGs. The layout of the mechanical structure of geared and gearless SCSGs is achieved and their magnetic characteristics are analyzed by using the FEM program. In order to suggest optimally designed 10 MW class SCSGs, the modified Taguchi method is used in this paper. The analyzed results of geared and gearless type SCSGs show the operational characteristics and suggest that the geared type drive-train is the most efficient drive-train for the SCSG.

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