Electrical Line Losses in Distribution System with the Inclusion of Very Small Power Producer

Pathomthat Chiradeja and Chaichan Pothisarn


Electrical line losses, Distributed generation, Very small power producer, Renewable energy


Distributed generation is becoming increasingly attractive to the power industry. Several distributed generation technologies such as wind energy systems, solar energy systems, biomass, and biogas are becoming economically viable. Thai government by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency has issued the Renewable Energy Development Plan (REDP) in order to promote the usage of renewable energy. In addition, a policy that aims to increase the electric power generation from renewable energy is to expand the amount of electrical power to connect to the distribution system. After the implementing of this policy, both of the numbers and generation capacity of distributed generation who are willing to sell the electric power are significantly increasing. Under this policy, very small power producer (VSPP) has to pay the fee of 2% of its electrical energy sold to electricity utility. The main purpose of this fee is to cover the electrical line losses due to the employment of distributed generation (DG) or VSPP. However, the suitable and fairness for both VSPP and utility is still questionable. The goal of this paper is to analyze the effect of electrical line losses with the installing DG or VSPP into the distribution system. The results of this paper can be used and created the suitable and fairness of the fee for both VSPP and utility.

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