Development of Smart Grid in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities

Taskin Jamal, Weerakorn Ongsakul, Molla S.H. Lipu, Md.Masum Howlader, and Aziz-Un-Nur I. Saif


Smart grid, Smart meter, Distributed generation, Communication Infrastructure, Planning, Operation


“Smart Grid” is a novel concept which refers to the transformation of the conventional electric power grid to a modern grid. This new concept is an inevitable soultion to the power system problems of 21st century. Modernization of the current electric power system is an important step to implement the Smart Grid technology. This paper gives a brief description of Smart Grid and its advantages. The spotlight of this paper is to familiarize with Smart Grid perspective to Bangladesh. The power system in Bangladesh is very complex and quite aged with lots of lackings. But, there exist lots of opportunities and scopes to convert the power grid of Bangladesh to the Smart Grid. To address the power crisis and other problems, it is the high time to initiate the plans to combat the odd electric situations in Bangladesh. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the development, importance, challenges, progress and prospects of Smart Grid in Bangladesh.

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