Dual Layered Multi Agent System for Load Management during Islanded Operation of a Microgrid

Asitha L. Kulasekera, Kullappu T.M.U. Hemapala, and Ranathunga A.R.C. Gopura


Distributed control, Intelligent agents, Intentional islanding, load management, microgrid, multi agent systems


This paper proposes a novel dual layered multi agent system (MAS) control architecture for distributed control of a microgrid. The proposed MAS controller provides islanding capabilities to a microgrid during disturbances in the main utility grid. During islanded operation, the MAS is able to maintain the supply to the most critical local loads. If the priority levels of the loads change after loads are shed, the MAS is able to reassign power to the revised most critical load/s. The MAS is developed using the JADE platform and is implemented on a microgrid test-bed simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The obtained results validate the capability of the MAS control architecture in controlling and protecting the microgrid.

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