RTDS-based Modeling and Simulation of a Microturbine Generation System for Microgrids

Ju-Han Lee, Serim Heo, Gyeong-Hun Kim, Minwon Park, In-Keun Yu, and Jeong-Do Park


Microgrid, Microturbine generation system, Power conditioning system, Real time digital simulator


A microgrid has many advantages, such as being an eco-friendly energy system, supplying good quality power, exhibiting energy security, and so on. The microgrid is composed of renewable and controllable distributed generators and energy storage sources. The microturbine generation system (MTGS) is regarded as one of the most promising generators of controllable distributed generators because it offers the characteristics of high reliability, longevity of service, low environmental impact, and excellent dynamic performance. In this paper, a microgrid with MTGS was modeled and simulated using a real-time digital simulator. The modeled MTGS consisted of a microturbine, a permanent magnet synchronous generator, and a power conditioning system. This study will provide valuable results for analyzing and evaluating the operation and control of the MTGSs in microgrids. The simulation results show that the MTGS exhibits constant rotor speed, fuel supply, exhaust temperature, and output power. As represented in this paper, MTGS is useful for the improvement of microgrids.

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