Analysis of Fluctuations of Global Sunshine in Guadeloupe

Maïna Andre and Jean-Louis Bernard


Fraction of energy, fluctuations, autocorrelation, crosscorrelation, power density spectral, statistical hypothesis testing


The study of solar radiation measured at a frequency of 1 Hz in Petit-canal, Fouille and La Desirade shows its great variability resulting from weather conditions. Photovoltaic solar panels having a very short response time, the power they provide will follow almost immediately the changes in the incident solar radiation. The study of fluctuations provides a deeper insight into the variability of the solar flux received. The aim of our study is to clarify that random parameter from a statistical point of view but also from a dynamic point of view. We will proceed with comparison tests between sites and for different time scales (10 minutes, hour, day) on the different characteristics of the fluctuations (mean, standard deviation, distribution). This evaluation of short-term behavior of the fluctuations is an indication of the variability of production on a short time scale, which provides an opportunity for better integration and management of intermittent power generation. Therefore our results will be a first step for the prediction of solar resources.

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