Predictive Maintenance System for Hydro-Generators

Marcos P. Ferrer, Roberto D'Ávila, Luiz Eduardo Borges da Silva, Levy E.L. de Oliveira, Erik L. Bonaldi, Jonas G. Borges da Silva, Thiago G. Rotella, and Germano Lambert-Torres


Predictive maintenance, hydro-generators, PCA, analysis of electric signature, hybrid system


The operational condition of hydro-generators affects the reliability of power supply and system stability. For these reasons, maintenance processes are increasingly employed in order to prevent failures. One of the technologies that can be employed within that purpose to predict failures is the analysis of electric signature, which consists of a set of methods and techniques that monitor the condition of electric machines by identifying patterns and deviations detected by processing and analysis of voltage and current signals. This paper presents an automatic system for monitoring failures in hydro-generators. An application in Agua Vermelha Power Plant, from AES-Tiete Energy Co., is presented.

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