Developing a Dynamic Economic Dispatch Model: The West Doha Power Station Case in Kuwait

Jamal S. Alsumait


Dynamic Economic Dispatch, Economic Dispatch , West Doha Power Station, Pattern Search , regression methods, Kuwait


As an extension for the conventional Economic Dispatch (ED) problem, Dynamic Economic Dispatch (DED) is considered as a realistic representation for the daily circumstances of power stations operations. DED can be a useful tool for operation engineers to adjust power production levels to achieve minimum power production cost. In this paper, the author present systematic procedures for developing a DED model for West Doha power station (WDPS) in the State of Kuwait as a study case. Moreover, these procedures can be used for developing DED model for any power station. The propose model was implemented on WDPS system and solved using Pattern Search method (PS). The results were promising and will be published in a forthcoming paper. Nevertheless, a brief discussion of these results would be presented in the result section.

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