Load Model Derivation based on Load Response to Actual Disturbances in Malaysia Power System

Azlan A. Rahim, Mohd F. Hashim, and Mohd F. Mohd Siam


Load Model, PQ Recorder, induction motor, ZIP model


The objective of the study is to derive, test and verify the load model parameters for three types of customer i.e. industrial, commercial and residential in TNB power system. Tools used including online power quality monitoring system which record the voltage and current during voltage sag and other type of disturbances on the upstream networks. The disturbance data is collected and stored in centre server for reporting and analysis. The measurement points are at the distribution 33kV and 11kV feeders with sample reading at 32 samples per cycle. Data processing using sample to RMS voltage and current and calculated Power (P) and Reactive power (Q). Load parameter derivation software (LMPD) from Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) USA was used to derive the load model parameters. Model testing and validation, PSSE software was used to test the model and verify the load response by simulating the similar disturbance in the system.

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