Model Order Reduction of Grid Connected Inverter Model based on System Identification

Nopporn Patcharaprakiti, Jatturit Thongprong, Krissanapong Kirtikara, and Jeerawan Saelao


model order reduction, system identification, photovoltaic system


This paper proposes a model order reduction of photovoltaic grid connected model based on system identification. An experimental setup is performed to collect input-output data for system identification process. A nonlinear model is selected to represent the complex nonlinear behavior of grid connected inverter. The suitable model is obtained by consideration of model accuracy, model order and reasonable characteristics. A nonlinear model is linearized around the operating point with Taylor approximation to state space linear time invariant model. Then, model order reduction techniques is used to minimize a high order linearized model based on Hankel minimum degree approximation and Balanced Truncation via schur method. The suitable reduced order of the model based on Hankel singular values is second order. A comparison between voltage output of both methods to the original model is satisfied.

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