Comparison of Single- and Double-Sided Exciting Linear AC MHD Power Generation

Intani Pattana and Nobuhiro Harada


AC MHD generator, Induction MHD generator, MHD generator


The performances of an AC MHD power generation with single-sided and double-sided exciting winding were compared. According to the configuration of single-sided exciting winding, the exciting coils (or top stator winding) and inductive coils (or bottom stator winding) are connected with a power supply and an electrical load, respectively. The another one is double-sided exciting winding, the top and bottom stator winding generate traveling magnetic field, and serve as inductive coils at the same time. The stator windings were parallel with a power supply and an electrical load. Therefore, the electrical power from interaction between traveling magnetic field and conducting fluid are returned to electrical load by using the top and bottom stator winding. The interaction between the metal fluid and traveling magnetic field can be explained by Maxwell’s equations and Ohm’s law based on the method of finite-elements. Power flow and electrical efficiency of an AC MHD power generation have been evaluated by various slip conditions. The optimal operating point of the generator was defined by adjusting slip values. The result confirms that double-sided exciting winding has high active power more than single-sided exciting winding. Mechanical power, power dissipation and electrical efficiency of the generator are the function of slip in term of 1-s, s and 1/(1-s), respectively. However, the performance of an AC MHD power generation of a double-sided exciting winding is better than a single-sided exciting winding due to significantly high active power.

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