Fluorescent Solar Concentrator with Compound Parabolic Lens for Electricity Generating Application

Chatchai Damkham and Wattana Ratismith


Solar energy, Compound parabolic concentrator, Luminescent solar concentrator


The concept of using luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) is to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of Solar cells. Newly developed LSC consists of a fluorescent plastic plate that absorb sunlight and emit light at the edges of the plate. The second state for concentrating light is introduced by using compound parabolic lens (CPLs) attached to the edge of the fluorescent plastic plate in order to increase the intensity and couple to photovoltaic cell. The advantage of this design is that the system yields higher intensity than the conventional LSCs which causes reduction of Solar cells and CPLs can be coupled to fibre-optics circuits for lighting building interiors. The designed fluorescent Concentrator yields electricity more than 1.96 times compared with Solar cell in the same area and is therefore suitable for electrical generation or Solar lighting.

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