A Solar Concentrator for an Autonomous Heat Production

Jean-Louis Canaletti, Christian Cristofari, and Gilles Notton


Concentrating, heating, photovoltaic supply, solar hybrid collector, tracking


From a promising first study performed on a reflecting slats solar concentrator, we propose to improve and optimize the design by providing a number of additional functions related to technological progress in the field of solar energy and electrical engineering. In order to satisfy a need for a specific production of heat around 150°C, the original system is equipped with an anti-radiation structure boiler and a more efficient control to improve and regulate the production of heat. Taking advantage of these technical improvements, photovoltaic cells are added behind slats for a stand-alone function and a possible connection to the grid. This new approach of solar concentration with hybrid PV/Th is being studied with an experimental system designed by our research laboratory.

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